BE-X Tactical Uniform

Walter Ruf and a team of German milsim airsofters, with the backing of Begadi airsoft shop, set out to create a new tactical uniform designed from the ground up specifically for the airsoft and PMC markets.  Using their years of accumulated knowledge, and incorporating feedback from users, a RAID-style uniform made from 35/65 Nylon-Cotton Ripstop material was designed – the BE-X (Begadi Exclusive) Tactical Uniform.


The jacket has 2 chest pockets, 2 upper arm pockets and Velcro panels for nametags and badges. There are also loops of material sewn on to the jacket for routing comm’s cables.  The trousers are cut similar to normal BDU trousers; however, the front pockets are mounted externally and diagonally set.  All pockets are closed with Velcro.  There is also a small concealed pocket located in the trousers’ waist seam.  A very useful feature of the trousers is the pouches at the knees that will accept internal foam knee pads. In addition, two loops are sewn on at each knee to secure external kneepads.  


All in all, I’ve found it to be quite a useful uniform design with some good features (I particularly like the Velcro-fastened front pockets – not more lost coins or car keys!).  It’s comfortable, practical, durable and very economically priced.  There are also boonie hats, helmet covers and a full range of tactical vests, chest rigs and MOLLE pouches to match.


The one thing I wish is that they’d made pouches on the elbows that would accept internal foam elbow pads.  I also would prefer it if the chest pockets were set diagonally – Crye Precision style – but I can live with them the way they are.


Material: 35/65 NyCo Ripstop
Parts: Velcro, YKK Zippers and Barrel-Locks
Jacket Pockets: 2 Chest Pockets, 2 Double Upper-Arm Pockets
Trouser Pockets: 2 Backside, 2 Front, 2 Cargo, 1 Inside Waistband
Pocket Closure: Velcro
Cuff Adjustment: Velcro
Ankle Adjustment: Nylon cord with Barrel Lock
Reinforcements: Seat, Knee and Shin, Elbow
Velcro Patches: 2 Chest strips, 2 patches on each Upper-Arm Pocket


The uniforms are currently available in Olive Drab, Dark Tan, Australian DPC camouflage, Rooivalk camouflage, Rooikat camouflage, and Black (50/50 twill fabric).


More information and photos of the uniforms and gear can be found at – don’t worry; the site is also available in English.  You will also find a full list of international retailers where you can purchase the uniforms as well, here:


ratings info – I give from 1 to 5 * based on the principle that Crye’s Combat series is a 5* and cheap commercial BDUs are a 1*.


Comfort  ****

Features  ****

Performance  ****

Quality of Materials  ***

Quality of Construction ***

Overall ****

Value-for-Money  Excellent!


Photos of BE-X Tactical Uniforms and gear in action – Rooivalk (red falcon) camouflage pattern).

(courtesy of the Fox One Milsim team).


Photos of the uniform in other colours and patterns (courtesy of






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