Madbull’s GSG-1 training stun grenade

Established in 2004, Madbull Airsoft has become famous the world over for churning out a wide range of high-quality products in an amazingly quick timeframe.  The other thing(s) that really set them apart in the airsoft world is that they’ve procured licensing deals with leading real-steel companies to replicate theiir products for the airsoft market, and also the fact that several of their products have also been adopted by real-deal operators.

The latest offering is one such example.  The GSG-1, which Madbull describes as a “stunning sound wave generator”, uses a charge of CO2 to produce a clean, non-lethal, non-hazardous simulated-explosion.  In fact, Madbull claims that it generates a sound level of 120db – as loud as a .22 calibre pistol.  Unlike traditional flash-bang simulators that use blank cartridges or small powder charges, this one is easily reusable and totally safe (as there’s no fire or projectile hazard).

MRP is $99.

check out the videos of it in use:

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