“Kommando” – international special operations magazine

I’ve just discovered an exciting new magazine that’s hit the streets this autumn: KOMMANDO – international special operations magazine.  The first issue, Sept/Oct 2008, is out now!

Published by SJ Publications – a Nuernberg-based company that also has a branch in the US and delivers media products for the military and law enforcement spec ops communities – KOMMANDO (www.k-isom.com/1.html) will initially be published in German with an English summary, on a bi-monthly basis and be 80 pages in length per issue.  However, they plan to publish a full English-language version should the market demand it.

The team behind the magazine is led by Soeren Suenkler, a well-known German author who specialises in books and articles about special operations forces and missions.  With their joint European and American experience, combined with their access to special ops units and combat zones around the world, the Editorial team of ex-servicemen and spec ops operators should be able to deliver an unbeatable publication.

UPDATE:  12.08.08

The copy I ordered arrived yesterday.  In the flesh (so to speak), the magazine is even more impressive.  Its packed full of insightful and interesting articles, backed-up with high production values and excellent photography – all of which is 100% original authored content and which features the real-deal operators in their actual areas-of-operations.  The articles are in-depth and authoritative, and thus actually useful to those whose lives and missions might depend on the content.  At the same they are interesting, informative and engaging for those of a more “chairborne commando” or airsofter orientation.

Its also not that big of a deal if you don’t speak German – the pictures say a lot in themselves, and the English summaries will give you a pretty good idea of what the article is about.

Below are some scans of the actual content (used by permission):


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