French Frogmen Show How Its Done!

Okay, stow away all the jokes about “Freedom Fries” or “Cheese-eating _______  _______”.  The French special operations forces are some of the best in the world and for years have been quietly racking up an impressive record of successes – often performed with more basic equipment and much less sophisticated support elements than some bigger western nations.

Today (or last night to be precise) the elite troops of Commando d’Action Sous-Marine Hubert, scored their latest coup – the siezure and securing of a yacht in open water, the subduing of 6 terrorists on board said yacht, and the rescuing (uninjured) of the 2 hostages on board in less than 10 minutes.  Vive la France!

Read all about the raid in The Times:

More info about Commando Hubert can be found here:


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