“3 Para” by Patrick Bishop

If you liked that story about “Operation Eagle’s Summit”, then you’ll definitely want to read this book – if you haven’t already.  Its an excellent, first-hand account of how a low intensity, low impact “hearts-and-minds” campaign quickly turned into a very intense, highly dangerous, hot combat zone.  And yet not much was known about it in the outside world – due to censorship and political agendas.

To quote a salient passage from the review in The Times:  It is difficult to read Bishop’s story and not be angry. Underlying the tales of gallantry, hardship and camaraderie is one of a confused command structure; intelligence that had completely underestimated the Taliban threat; and woefully inadequate resources for the job in hand, particularly troop numbers and helicopters. All this was aggravated by the ill-fated strategy of establishing so-called platoon houses in dusty outposts, apparently at the behest of the local governor and an Afghan president who feared these district centres falling to the Taliban. Referred to by many as the “tethered goat strategy”…

Their excellent full review can be found here: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/non-fiction/article2438630.ece

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