HyperStealth “Spec4ce” digital camouflage update

HyperStealth is in the process of finalizing the order for Spec4ce Series 2 production.  (click on the thumbnail of cloth samples below to see the range of colourways being produced)

After having to turn down the movie “(name of a sequel to major Hollywood action-sci fi blockbuster withheld)” after four separate requests (as they could not get the uniforms on time for the filming schedule),  Guy Cramer reports that he ended up consulting with the head of the Art Department at “name withheld” for some specific items within the movie, and that while it would have been nice to see the Spec4ce uniforms in there, HyperStealth were allegedly at the top of their list for uniforms within the movie. HyperStealth reportedly also had to turn down another major movie for uniforms due to their time constraints. Due to this, they’ve decided to increase the Spec4ce Series 2 order size so they can have inventory on hand for this and for Special Forces orders, (Spec4ce Series 1 has been used in actual combat regions). This will allow immediate rapid response, and if more uniforms are necessary they can have the factory run them in 30-60 days.

HyperStealth also report that if you are looking for further Series 2 product in a particular size they will only have a few days before the quantities in each size are locked in, there should be extra this time (Series 1 sold out before it even arrived) but they will only have a few extra in each size and will only run more when they have at least 20 orders for a particular color scheme.

They expect the process to take 60-90 days before shipping to Canada (by boat). However they are looking at getting the Spec4ce Woodland and Metro orders in prior to this as they can begin printing immediately since these colors are already locked in at the printer from Series 1. 

This is good news for those of us who had to wait many, many months for our pre-ordered Series 1 uniforms to arrive.

Note: the Metro color scheme is only available to Police and Military.

Full details of the Spec4ce Series can be found here:  http://www.hyperstealth.com/spec4ce/order/series2.html

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