Joint doctrine for Indian Special Forces unveiled

From The Hindu online:

By Sandeep Dikshit

NEW DELHI: The armed forces on Tuesday released the joint doctrine for the operations of Special Forces. It is in synchronisation with the current global trends, where integrated Special Forces have operated jointly in several highly sensitive situations.

The Indian Special Forces from the Army and the Navy were employed in operations in Sri Lanka and, to a limited extent, the Army and the Indian Air Force were involved in the Maldives.

The doctrine was unveiled by Admiral Sureesh Mehta, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Chief of the Naval Staff. The function was also attended by Lt. Gen. H. S. Lidder, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee, and other senior officers.

It is being recognised the world over that all future wars and conflicts will require the Special Forces to play an increasingly important role at all levels of war — strategic, operational or tactical. The doctrine, comprising nine chapters, begins with basic information on the Special Forces of the three Services — Para Special Forces of the Army, the Marine Commandos of the Navy and the Garuds of the Indian Air Force.

Subsequent chapters cover the operational environment in which the Special Forces are likely to operate. They highlight the organisational set-up and special characteristics of the Special Forces, chart out the ideal command and control organisation and joint planning at theatre level.

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The doctrine emphasises the need for accurate intelligence, fire support by attack helicopters, naval gunfire, artillery, precision-guided munitions and rockets for the successful conduct of special operations. It also highlights the importance of various aspects of joint training to achieve greater cohesion and understanding necessary for joint special operations.

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