“Airsoft Soldier” – Issue 2 is out!

Rapidly becoming required reading for the discerning airsofter, Airsoft Soldier delivers high-quality, original articles written by a team of highly experienced European airsofters (most of whom also have real-deal military experience).  Airsoft Soldier provides the kind of in-depth content, and side-by-side product comparisons, that you just can’t get on the internet and that no other airsoft magazine can match –  Airsoft Soldier also has the professional know-how of a real-steel firearms publisher behind it.  In short, its probably the best airsoft magazine in the world

Ask for it at your favourite airsoft retailer…



Contents of Issue 2:

  • A&K M249 series
  • Berget 6 milsim event report
  • Real Sword Type 97B
  • Handgun Tactics
  • Tokyo Marui Detonics
  • The Battles of Britain – the VCRA world
  • Interview: Clarence Lai, part 2/2
  • Airsoft in the Netherlands
  • LBV-E vests in evaluation – copy vs. issue
  • Wiley-X CQC goggles
  • Mad Bull GSG-01 grenade
  • AI Tornado grenade
  • Gear Corner: Navy Seals in early 1990´s
  • Russian KZS camoflage uniform
  • Crimson Trace Lasergrip
  • Special Gun: MG42
  • Tokyo Marui Velocity Suppressor
  • Splav Para backpack
  • Web-Tex Combat Knife
  • Team: Roken-Rol Perkele (Sweden)


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