“YK35” – FAB Defense Tactical Glock Stock

This is a rather unique and interesting idea – and one which appears to have become quite popular amongst Israeli security forces and others in armed personal protection business.

Although the concept of sticking a shoulder stock onto an automatic pistol isn’t a new one – think of the M1896 Mauser “Broom Handle” and M1923 “Schnellfeuer” pistols for example – but this one brings the idea bang up to date with the 21st Century.

The FAB Defense Tactical Glock Stock is made of reinforced polymer composite material (a.k.a., “ballistic-grade plastic”), is fully collapsible and adjustable for different arm lengths.  It also includes an attachment point for a single-point sling.  In short, it is lightweight, strong, durable, easy to carry and conceal and also easy to use.  It also means that an operator can bring his or her pistol into action very quickly – and with much greater first-round accuracy.  It also would no doubt significantly reduce the amount of training time – and ammunition – needed to achieve highly accurate pistol shooting skills.

The stock is available in different models to fit all full-size and compact Glock pistols.  An adaptor for SLR type cameras is also available that helps ensure that rapidly-taken surveillance photos are also usable photos.

Full information and prices of the different models can be found at:  www.zahal.org

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