KOMMANDO magazine issue 2 (Nov-Dec 2008) out now

The second issue of this superbly illustrated, real-deal magazine written by subject matter experts is now out – still only available in German language (with English summaries), but well worth a look nonetheless.

Contents of this issue are:
* SOF: USAF FAC and TACP in Afghanistan (Bombing on-demand).
* Elite: Bundeswehr Airborne Special Company 263 (higher, faster, further).
* Sniper: Austrian “Jagdkommando” & Infantry (In thunder valley).
* SWAT: DMAX Texas SWAT (Dallas: Blue Boys)
* Weapons & Recognition Guide: FN F2000.
* Kit & Gear: Tactical Medic.
* Test: Goggles under Test (Shotgun Riot).
* SR&DG: German airborne LRRPs 2006.
* Insignia: “Jagdkommando” & Elite of the Austrian Federal Army.
* Books: Two K-ISOM special editions.
* Interview: General a.D. Udo K. Wegener (founder of GSG 9)
* Historical: B1-Kommando 1989-96


kommando-nov-dec   cover-k-isom-2-klein-backcover

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