“Special Forces Heroes” series on Five tv.

If you haven’t been watching this new series – based on the book by Michael Ashcroft – then you’re missing a real treat.  The series opened last week with the most detailed retelling and recreation of the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege (“the most famous 11 minutes in British military history”) ever shown on television.  This week’s episode featured the 1977 Lufthansa hijacking that ended in Mogadishu with the passengers being rescued in a joint SAS/GSG9 operation.

If you’ve missed any of the episodes so far, or you can’t access channel Five where you live, you can also watch them online at Demand Five: http://demand.five.tv/Series.aspx?seriesBaseName=SpecialForcesHeroes

Also, the story featured in next week’s episode – the 1972 Battle of Mirbat – was featured in an article in The Telegraph earlier this week:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2008/11/19/nosplit/bvtvSAS19.xml

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