Lots of new goodies over on SoldierSystems.net

My fellow Camo and Battle Rattle buddy Eric over at SoldierSystems continues to come up trumps with the goodies.

Recent content that I wanted to bring to your attention is:

Tactical Impact TV: As the blurb says – “Hosted by world renowned tactical trainers Larry Vickers and Aaron Roberts, both former Army Special Operations Soldiers, Tactical Impact examines real life tactical problems and the arms, accessories, and tactics required to prevail. And yes, they even wear Multicam.” First up is a very interesting clip where the guys go through urban street and room clearing drills firing live rounds from a WWII-era MP40 and K98K, as used by the Germans in Stalingrad.  Its a great little history lesson and tactical training vid all in one.  Check it out here.  More clips from TITV can be found on their website.

Outdoor Research Modular Glove System: “USSOCOM has awarded Outdoor Research, Inc. (OR), a $54 million, five-year contract to manufacture the Outdoor Research Generation II Modular Glove System for U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF). This latest generation of handwear is FR and offered in brown rather then the black of the earlier family of gloves.”  Full details here.

PT Helmets – Alpha Model SOPMOD skate helmet: “For years unit life support shops have been modifying skate board helmets for use as bump helmets during activities such as CQB, maritime, and airborne operations. Modifications can be costly as well as have varying degrees of success. PT Helmets does the work for you with the Alpha helmet which they manufacture specifically for special DOD customers. The shell has the same tensile strength as a hard hat and the impact liner is designed for airborne operations.” Full details here.

The Art of the Tactical Carbine DVD – Magpul Dynamics: “Hosted by Magpul Dynamics’ Travis Haley and Chris Costa the “Art of the Tactical Carbine” is an excellent training resource. Obviously, a video is no substitution for hands on training but it is a great refresher and may introduce you to some new techniques. The pace is brisk but they take the time to demonstrate, explain what is going on and why and often provide further instruction with a student. The three disc set covers respectively; Fundamentals, Advanced Skills, and Drills.” More information and video clip of two-man reaction-to-contact drill here. Unfortunately, the DVD cannot be shipped outside of the US.  😦

Tru-Spec Combat Shirt: “US Cavalry has just announced pre-orders for the Tru-Spec combat shirt with deliveries commencing mid-December. Available in sizes from Small – 2XL in a veritable plethora of color schemes including (arms/body) UCP/Foliage, Black/Black, Khaki/Khaki, MULTICAM®/Sand and Olive Drab/Olive Drab. To pre-order visit WWW.USCAV.COM.”

tru-spec_cbt_shirt  tru-spec_cbt_shirt_side

New Boots for the French Army: “The French Army has placed an order for 100 000 pairs of Meindl boots with deliveries commencing Second Quarter of 2009. The new boots will replace the long-issued “Rangers” or Brodequins de Marche à Jambière Attenante (BMJA), French for High Laced Boots, with a commercial boot more suited to arduous terrain. BMJAs have not been procured since 2007. The new boot is intended specifically for combat arms Soldiers and an additional new model of boots for general issue will begin development in 2009. Meindl can be found on the web at www.meindl.de”  


For what its worth, I’ve long been a fan of Meindl boots myself.

PECOC Update: “The British military continues development of its Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) program to serve as a bridge between Soldier 95 kit and the planned Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST).”  More info, plus photos, here.

Dutch Military Seeks New Camouflage: And finally, The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Journal reports on developments to select a new unique, national camouflage pattern for the Dutch armed forces combat uniforms.  “In all, eight patterns are being considered: one being universal, two patterns are ‘multicamouflage patterns’ for use in more than one environment, and the last five are terrain specific patterns.”  More info here.  It appears however that one pattern which they aren’t considering is this one.

All this and more can be found at http://www.soldiersystems.net/

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