Yet more interesting camo from Russia…

One of the firms that people suspected might have produced the M/05 replica, is a company called Modox.  But as you can see from this gallery of their stuff, the M/05 type isn’t among their offering.  Some other interesting and cool patterns though (click to enlarge):

modox-1  modox-2    modox-4    modox-6  modox-7  modox-8  modox-9-1  f-321083  nf321032  modox-11  modox-21  modox-31  modox-41



Now, you know I wouldn’t show you all these neat stuff – and not tell you where you can get right?  So, if you can read Russian (and probably only if you live in Russia) you can order it through the Modox website).

If not, Red Zone in Poland sell it too – and their website is also available in English!

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