Noveske N4 Training Rifle (gas-blowback airsoft)

Exciting news from SOCOM Gear…  An airsoft “rifle” powered by a reliable, gas-blowback system provides a far more realistic shooting experience than an electric gun.  This makes it much more useful as a professional, non-lethal, training tool – and also more fun for the airsoft enthusiast looking for an added level of realism.

Look for a full review here soon…


n4-left-side  n4-right-side  n4-1

Metal receiver
1:1 scale dimension
Hardkicking recoil
30 rds 6mm BB magazine
Functional bolt catch
Authentic Noveske N4 stamping
Made in Taiwan
MSRP: $ 400
ETA: Dec. 2008

Shipping Weight: 12lbs

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