More Galils!

It seems that airsoft replicas of the Israeli Military Arms “Galil” family of rifles are a bit like London buses – you wait ages for one to arrive, an then a bunch all come at once!

I previously posted reviews of the TSI Armories and King Arms versions of the Galil SAR – well, now the Cybergun version of the Galil SAR (manufactured and marketed by ICS) and the King Arms Galil MAR (aka, “Micro Galil”).  See below for further info.

King Arms

In October 2008, King Arms launched the first AEG of the Galil series, the Galil SAR.  It was an instant hit and people were impressed by how well the AEG is built (apart from the creaky foregrip).

With such a successful launch, King Arms was eager to speed up the release of the second AEG in the series, the Galil MAR, a.k.a. Micro Galil.  It is a reduced size version of the Galil SAR and it is also the most modern and the smallest member in the Galil family.  The Galil MAR was introduced by the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) in the early 90’s, IMI aimed to build a more effective and powerful compact 5.56mm compared to the 9mm SMG – as the company’s ad claims, “Maximum Firepower- Minimum Size”.  IMI achieved what they wanted, and the Israeli Police as well as other government agencies and Special Units around the world have adopted this neat little weapon.

After a few months of hard works, King Arms finally came up with their full metal Galil MAR AEG.  It is equipped with 7mm bearing gearbox and it has their specially-designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate the real firearm’s cyclic action.  The AEG is fully licensed and everything has been built as close as the real steel as possible.  Space for battery is very large, you can put a 12v stick battery in it with no problem (but the higher voltage will wear out the motor faster).  Plus, it comes with a 130-rd magazine as standard, with hi-caps also available from King Arms.  Delivery date should be in Jan 2009, but production is limited to 500 pieces.

ka-galil-mar-1  ka-galil-mar-2  ka-galil-mar-3  ka-galil-mar-4  ka-galil-mar-5  ka-galil-mar-6


Information about the Cybergun / ICS Galil SAR is embedded in the promo poster below.


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