RANGERS 2009 – International MilSim Airsoft event in Portugal

Over the past couple of years a cadre of dedicated milsim airsoft enthusiasts in Portugal have been building up one of the most kick-ass airsoft events in the world.  A full report of the 2008 event will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Airsoft Soldier magazine.

Further info about the 2009 event was sent in by “Lobo”:


This Milsim Game will take place in “Campo de Tiro de Alcochete” a huge Base of the Portugueses Air Force, this Base is the main target field and also the biggest Portuguese Air Force Area, in consequence is used for the training of all the portuguese forces.

The “Campo de Tiro de Alcochete” is near the Lisbon Airport and the “Tejo” River.

The Rangers 2009 is limited in the number of players (300) and is a dificult Milsim Airsoft Game with at least 60 hours non-stop.

This Milsim Game will be more exigent than the Rangers 2008, and this game included night boat operations in the “Tejo” River and also flights for recon and as dive bomber !

The game will start on 6th of August and will end on 9th of August, 2009.

The Team that is responsable for the european teams invitations (with exclusion of Portugal and Spain) is the SAG Team:


The Organization of this Airsoft Game is formed by Portuguese and Spanish milsim teams experienced in Iberic Milsim Games as “Conflito do Gafe, Hercules I, Hercules II and Rangers 2008”.

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