TAG® Introduces “Large Mountain Ruck” at SHOT Show

When I was in the 82nd Abn. back in the 1980’s, the Large ALICE rucksack (also known as the Mountain Rucksack) was very popular with many of the troops – as the standard issue Medium rucksack just couldn’t hold all the stuff we typically humped out into the boonies with.  Most guys had to buy their own, but when I was an RTO I got a nice brand new issued to me (guess which one got turned back in though).

So when I saw this announcement, I was quite interested.  It seems that sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.  In this case, three of the special characteristics of the Large ALICE Rucksack that make it more suitable than a lot of the more modern, civilian climber-styled rucksacks are:

  • it is shorter from top to bottom, so it allows greater freedom of movement for your head
  • the use of an external frame improves airflow around your back, so you won’t overheat as quickly
  • you can remove the rucksack and use the frame as standalone carrier for bulky/awkward loads (like mortar baseplates)

So, what’s different / special about this new one from TAG?


TAG’s “Large Mountain Ruck” is a re-imagined version of the original mountain ruck. Designed to fit the ALICE frame it is crafted from 500D Cordura and lined with pack cloth. This combination allows the ruck to be lightweight and yet retain durability.

The shoulder straps and kidney pad are contoured to improve fit.  The three external general purpose pockets were designed to accommodate an issue H-harness and lowering line, which makes this pack usable for parachute operations.  The outside of the ruck also features PALS webbing.

To support hydration systems, the interior has two 100-ounce bladder pouches with ports for the drinking tube holes along the sides. Finally the lid of the ruck has an antenna port for radios with center mounted antennas and the radio pocket has been lowered slightly and enlarged to fit man pack radios.

The TAG “Large Mountain Ruck” features a lifetime warranty.

Check out TAG’s entire new line up at Booth number 9484, and/or visit them online at:  www.theoperatorschoice.com

Picture from TAG.

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