Tamil Tiger submarine force?

Source: defpro news

Mullaittivu | Sri Lanka Army Task Force 3 found an armour-plated, 35 foot long underwater vehicle, along with 3 other smaller underwater vehicles which are still under construction, in the Udayarkattukulam area in Mullaittivu on January 28.  Military sources said that this was the most startling recovery made by troops so far during the ongoing operations against the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, commonly also known as the Tamil Tigers). 


Among the large haul of LTTE maritime equipment were also found at the location were; three pedal-type suicide boats, one Dvora-type fast attack craft, two lorries, two buses, one truck, a low-bed trailer, one heavy duty generator, one welding plant, a number of electric motors, many other boat and vehicle engines.  In addition there were three large hangar-shaped buildings, fifteen small tiled-houses of 20 ft x 30 ft with full air conditioning and five tiled-billets of 25 ft x 100 ft with full air conditioning – all pointing to the conclusion that this was a major operational base of the Tigers.

With this discovery the LTTE will go down in the history as the first insurgent organization to develop underwater weapons.  Also, the LTTE was the first introduce suicide bombers to the world and to develop naval and air arms.

More illustration of the submarines can be found here:

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