Sudanese helicopters attack Belgian Special Forces in Chad


Brussels, Belgium – A patrol team of the Belgian Special Forces operating within the European Forces in Chad (EUFOR) has been attacked by Sudanese helicopters, parliamentary sources reported in Brussels Wednesday.

The incident was disclosed during a debate at the Belgian Parliament here by an MP.

According to the MP, Sudanese battle helicopters entered the Chadian territory where the Belgian troops were deployed as part of the EUFOR-Chad/CAR European military operation in Chad and the Central African Republic.

After flying over the patrol team three times at a low altitude, the Sudanese helicopters finally launched rocket shots during a fourth overflight.

No Belgian soldier was wounded, but two vehicles belonging to them were destroyed.

Back in Brussels, Javier Solana, the EU High Commissioner for the common external and security policy (PESC), announced that he would lodge a complaint at the UN against Sudan following the incident.

Solana is responsible for European military operations outside Europe

The Belgian defence minister, Pieter Decrem, will embark on a working visit to Chad next week, to investigate the attack in discussions with General Patrick Nash, Commander in chief of the EUFOR-Chad/CAR contingent whose mandate will end 15 March.

Belgium has built two camps for the EUFOR, one in N’Djamena and the other in Abéché.

The EUFOR-Chad/CAR contingent is made up of 3,800 soldiers from 16 member and non-member countries of the European Union.

The mandate of the EUFOR is to ensure the protection of the 12 camps in which Sudanese, Chadian and CAR refugees are sheltered.

There are about 600,000 residents in those camps.
Info about Belgian Special Forces:

The Belgian Special Forces Group’s mission in Chad was also recently featured in an issue of RAIDS magazine (pictures from

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