Guatemala’s elite new anti-narcotics forces

More news from south of the US border this week:, Barbara Schieber

After seven weeks of training in anti – terrorist and anti – narcotics tactics, today the first Guatemalan elite anti – narcotic forces have graduated. The first group of 49 elements of this new elite force will be deployed for fighting drug trafficking and organized crime. The training was conducted by the Border Patrol of the United States (BORTAC).

This new elite unit is part of the efforts of the government of Alvaro Colom on the matter of security, specifically in the battle against drugs. “With this type of action we reduce the possibility that young Guatemalans will consume drugs,” said President Colom at the official graduation ceremony of the new members of the elite anti-narcotics unit.

Marlene Blanco Lapola, Director of the National Civil Police (PNC) stated: “This unit will begin joint patrols in Rio Dulce, Izabal and Puerto de San José, to combat the flow of drugs in the Northeast region and south of the country”. The official said that “at present, the unit looks for ways to acquire additional three patrol boats.”

This group will consist of 25 police officers of the Service for Antinarcotics Analysis and Information Unit and 24 military elements of the Navy Special Forces, who have been trained in skills and tactics in shooting, defense, and seizure operations to prevent the narcotrafic.

This special force should be able to develop rapid and efficient planning and execution of anti-narcotics operations by land, sea and air. It is expected that in the coming months the U.S. government will repeat this training for additional forces in the country.



Interesting to note the Digital Woodland / MARPAT uniforms and Tavor assault rifles.

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