OTB’s new light Jungle Boot

OTB (“Over The Beach”) are an innovative American boot manufacturer who’ve achieved fame through the use of their amphibious footwear being very popular with US Navy SEALS.

Over the past year, information has been trickling out about their updated take on the famous Vietnam-era Jungle Boot (which are still quite popular today).  The Vietnam-era Jungle Boot, whilst a popular choice for hot, wet weather wear, is not without some rather serious flaws.  So far, it looks like OTB have not only solved all of the short-comings of the original design, but they’ve also brought it bang up to date technology wise too – plus they’ve introduced a few other new tricks.

The boots will be produced in solid black, black / OD, and solid tan versions.  They’ve also recently produced a prototype black / MultiCam version, which will most likely be tan / MultiCam if it goes into production.

otb_green_jungle otb_tan_jungle otb_mc_jungle-small


Check out Milspecmonkey’s video product presentation from SHOT Show 2009 for more details:

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