The Gurkhas have won – again!


In days of yore, when a Gurkha drew his kukri from its sheath he wouldn’t put it back again until it had drawn blood.  Tonight, the blood on the blade is symbolic only – but it is the blood of a cowardly and morally-bankrupt political party that is still in government, but no longer in power (or at least not for much longer – hopefully).


Today – with the aid and support of actress Joanna Lumley (whose father was an officer in the Gurkha Regiment in WWII);  of the two main opposition parties (and even some rebels within the government’s own ranks);  of just about every major daily newspaper;  and of tens of thousands of members of the Great British Public – today, the Gurkhas finally secured their hard-fought campaign for Justice. 

Be sure to visit the Justice for the Gurkhas Campaign website, – and also check out the BBC News links there.

On a personal note, I am very happy with this result.  My grandfather served in the Canadian reconaissance forces attached to the British Army in the Libyan desert in WW1, and I happily became a naturalised British citizen last year – and today I feel truly PROUD to be British.

And finally – for those of you here in the UK, don’t forget the Local and European elections coming up on the 19th of May.  If you’re not registered to vote – get registered and go use the democratic privileges that these loyal foreign volunteers have sacrificed so much for on our behalf! 

Ayo Gorkhali!


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