Arena Industries “FlakJak” version 1 goggles

I’ve been testing a pair of these googles for several months now, and I am very impressed.  I’ve tested quite a few different types of goggles, and I can honestly say that these ones are by far the most comfortable and the most fog resistant of any that I’ve used.  I’ve used them in very cold weather and in both cool and warm humid weather – and I’ve never had any fogging problems.  The manufacturers claim that this is becuase of their “Razorback” filter technology that channels and circulates air better than other goggles, whilst also keeping dust and moisture out.

In addition to that, the way the retainer strap fastens to the goggle frame positions the strap out and away from the goggle in order to provide a good fit when worn with a helmet.  The buckle also can also swivel through a full 360 degrees, and its also fitted with a very clever (but secure) quick release feature.  This helps to keep the goggles held securely in place, but also fitted as comfortably as possible to your face – regardless of the headgear you’re wearing.

Also, the “VS Foam” used around the inner rim of the goggles provides a very comfortable, and moisture-wicking, fit around the face.  In fact, I was amazed at how comfortable these goggles are when I first put them on – I was even more amazed when they still felt comfortable several hours later.

Finally, the goggles feel very robust – whilst also having the flexibility that you need – and the lenses are Z87.1 – 2003 Plus and MIL-STD-662F certified.

All in all, a pretty impressive pair of eye protection – the US Army must have also thought so, becuase they’ve adopted the Version 2 model as approved eye protection.

For further info about where to buy, etc. (plus some good You Tube videos of the goggles surviving blast and projectile testing) check out Madbull Airsoft’s SocomGear website.

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