MadBull Airsoft’s Gemtech-licensed HALO suppressor

Since I live in the UK, I was able to get the functional version of this nice bit of kit.  In other words, the one with the foam inserts that actually does suppress the sound generated by the release of compressed air out of the muzzle of an airsoft gun.  If you live in the US, or other countries where suppressors are illegal, you’ll have to settle for a purely decorative solid tube version.

Now, I’ve tried a few other airsoft suppressors in my time and they’ve always let me down – apart from the ones specifically made as part of a set-up (like the non-blowback gas-powered MK23 and P99 replicas, or the gas-powered blowback KSC MAC-11).  This one, however, is completely different.


First its a fully license-made copy of a real-deal suppressor – as the little card that comes in the box tells you.


Secondly, the way this one attaches to the gun is totally unique (I guess that’s why Gemtech have a patent on it).  It is dead-easy to use, requires no modification to the host weapon and works on most NATO standard 5.56mm flash hiders of 22mm diametre. There is no need for tools, proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel and it can be swapped between many different weapons quickly and easily.  As this photo from Gemtech’s website shows:


The system works through the combination of an adjustable slip-on sleeve that cinches the “can” tightly over the flash-hider to achieve a complete seal and perfect bore alignment.  This view of the interior shows how the two pieces lock the suppressor into place.  halo-interior Genius.

To install the suppressor, you simply unscrew the two components:halo-components

Then you slip the slotted sleeve over your weapon’s flash hider and position the lips at the base of it:


Now you slot the can over the flash-hider and into the sleeve, and tighten them both together until its as tight as you can make it:


Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go!  By the way, the real-deal version is full-auto capable, and so is the airsoft model.


So, does it work?  Yes it certainly does – which might surprise some, given its relatively short length.  Allegedly, its the quietest airsoft suppressor currently available.  I certainly noticed an audible reduction in sound when I use it on my Galil (I tried to also mount it on my HK33K replica but the flash-hider is just a little bit fatter than 22mm apparently).

Besides being so easy to put on and take off, and making a noticeable difference to the volume of the gun, the MadBull HALO suppressor didn’t interfere with the ballistics of the BBs either.  Which means that its obviously perfectly aligned with the bore. 

So, whether you’re looking for an effective, easy-to-use suppressor for added sneakiness on the skirmish field, or you just want that final tacticool accessory to emulate the look of the real-deal dudes, you can’t get much better than this baby.  As for me, I’m absolutely delighted with mine.

Further info:  In addition to basic black, MadBull also do the HALO in Olive Drab and Flat Dark Earth.  More details and photos can be found on their website, here.

Further info about the real-deal Gemtech HALO suppressor can be found on Gemtech’s website.

With special thanks to Airsoft Armoury for providing the suppressor.

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