Tactical MilSim Airsoft magazine: new ownership – and more!

Received some interesting news yesterday.  Tactical MilSim Airsoft magazine (aka, TACSIM for short) has a new owner, new and expanded staff, the website has been over-hauled and basically the magazine looks set to have a bit of a re-launch with all guns blazing.

Originally published quarterly, the magazine was the brainchild and labour-of-love of Steve Keary.  It appears that the magazine grew too big to continue running it more-or-less as a one-man-band with the help of a small, dedicated team of volunteers.

Its now owned by retired US Army Ranger Master Sergeant Howard “Mad Max” Mullen, and supported by an editorial crew of highly-qualified former and current-serving military, law enforcement and security professionals – as well as civilians with design and production expertise.

max The magazine’s stated goal is “to help our customers learn more about their equipment, promote the development of airsoft military simulation, and provide information to assist organizations using airsoft as a viable close quarters training system.”

Judging by the quality of their new-look website, www.tacticalmilsim.com, I’d say they’re off to a good start to achieve that goal.  Check ’em out.  And while you’re at it, they’re also looking for teams from the US and Europe to send in their team photos and team information so they can put them up on their myspace page. 



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