BE-X “Tyr” Combat Vest

The TYR combat vest from BE-X is a hybrid combination of a PALS/MOLLE vest and a classic infantry / assualt vest, and is built upon a fully-adjustable, nylon mesh chassis.

For rapid deployment and ease-of-use, the basic pouches are fixed to the chassis.  However, for flexibility and mission-adaptability, the magazine pouches can be easily adjusted to hold any kind of common rifle or sub-machinegun magazines.   Becuase the pouch flap is attached to the inside of the pouch by a long patch of Velcro, the pouch can be adapted to securely and easily accomodate different lengths of magazines.  So, for example, you can adapt your vest to carry 5.56mm NATO or 7.62mm AK magazines quickly and easily.  The same applies to SMG magazines too – now you don’t have to fiddle around with changing all of your mag pouches or changing your rig if/when you change your primary weapon.  Also, thanks to internal dividers and elastication the magazines won’t rattle around in the pouches.

Besides all the basic pouches that come already affixed to the chassis, the upper chest and mid-lower back areas of the vest also have PALS/MOLLE loops for attaching additional pouches (such as large utility pouch shown in the photos below).

Standard Features:

  • Cordura Nylon and heavy-duty Nylon mesh
  • 4 rifle magazine pouches
  • 3 folding-knife / multi-tool / pistol magazine pouches
  • 2 mid-sized utility / water bottle pouches
  • 1 phone / radio / GPS unit / field dressings pouch
  • 2 inner map / document pouches
  • 1 inner hydration bladder pouch
  • Velcro size adjustment tabs on shoulders
  • Pull-strap size adjustment tabs on shoulders and waist
  • Drag handle
  • Zipper and buckle front-closure
  • Pistol belt hanger loops on hem of vest
  • Available colours / camos:  Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, AUSCAM, UCP, “Asian Woodland”, Flecktarn, “Rooivalk”, US Woodland, UK DPM

Price:  €85 (approx. $119 USD, £75 GBP)

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