BNP are rascist liars, and traitors!

Well, it seems that the kerfuffle around the Queen not having been invited to the 65th Anniversary of D-Day has been resolved…

But another bunch of “politicians” who’ve been annoying me recently are the wankers of the British National Party.  They put a flyer through my letter box recently, and I swear I would have wiped my ass with it and posted it back to them if they hadn’t printed it on stiff glossy paper…

What annoys me about their flyer, and their “punish the pigs” campaign, is the way they’re trying to camouflage their true agenda under the cloak of populist causes like MPs expenses, the state of the economy and the NHS – and above all how they’ve had the sheer gall to compare themselves to the brave men and women who defended this country during the Battle of Britain.  But of course they also leave out any recognition of the thousands of Commonwealth and Colonial soldiers, sailors and airmen who came to the aid of Britain in those desperate days of the war.  Or did they?

It turns out that the joke’s on them becuase the Spitfire they so proudly and prominently display in their campaign is in fact a model that wasn’t introduced until later in the war – and it bears the markings of a POLISH squadron!  So, whilst their party platform calls for the expelling of all  foreign workers (including Poles) from Britain, their own literature reinforces the real story of how connected we are all.

Turns out the rest of the so-called “real people / real stories” in their campaign are just as off target:
* the “British workers” are in fact US models
* the elderly couple are actually Italian – and horrified that their picture has been used in this way
* the soldier who’s picture they used is equally disgusted and got a “f*ck off” response when he demanded that they stop using it
* and it turns out that the “NHS doctor” and the “mother” that they feature is also fake

So what’s real about the BNP?  Well, basically that they’re a bunch of rascist thugs abusing the rights granted to them by living in a free, democratic and culturally-diverse country.  They cower under the very rights that they would deny anyone else who doesn’t match their ignorant and twisted view of racial/ethnic acceptability.  Don’t be taken in by the new look of suits-and-ties, they’re no better than Moseley’s and Mussolini’s Black Shirts or Hitler’s Brown Shirts – a change of clothes doesn’t change the fascist within.

In fact, they have also been quite open about their admiration for Hitler and Mussolini in the past.  Their own little wannbe Fuehrer, Nick Griffin, proclaims that he made extensive margin notes and learnt a lot of good tips from reading “Mein Kampf”.  He also claims that the Holocaust never took place and that the chimneys and gas chambers of Auschwitz are post-war fakes.  Well, I know somebody who’s grandfather liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp – I think he’d beg to differ!

Meanwhile, they’re head of publicity, Mark Collett claims that Churchill was a “f*cking c*nt” for leading us into a pointless war against Hitler, who was only standing up for the white race.  Really?  Last time I looked, Jews and Slavs are also “white”.

The BNP have also opposed the campaign to allow Gurkhas to settle in Britain, branding them “mercenaries”, and called VC winner Private Johnson Beharry an “immigrant” who was only “doing something routine”.  Frankly, shitheads like the BNP don’t deserve the rights that these brave men have sacrificed themselves for.

Just to illustrate the sheer stupidity of the BNP’s arguments, both myself and my wife are “immigrants” to this country – okay, we’re white, we’re educated and we speak English, but we’re still immigrants.  We’re also both Colonials, from countries that were originally created by immigrants from Britain.  According to the BNPs logic, perhaps  Canada, Bermuda, America, etc. should be handed back to the aboriginal people and all whites evicted back to Britain?  They should also remember that genetics has shown that probably 99.9% of whites in Britain today owe their ancestry to somewhere other than the British Isles – and if you go back far enough, we all originated from Africa, regardless of our current skin tone!

Finally, this week sees two important milestones.  1.  Its the 65th Anniversary of D-Day on June 5/6.  2.  Its the European and local elections on the 4th of June.  Whatever your feelings towards the main political parties of the UK at the moment, don’t vote BNP and in effect piss on the graves of the men and women who sacrificed their lives so you could have the freedom to vote.  And secondly, don’t brush aside their sacrifices by not bothering to get out and vote in the first place.

Remember, all that evil needs in order to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.



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