SOCOM PCU development, SCAR user-review

Further to the post I put up recently, some further details about the ongoing development of a new Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) for US SOCOM have emerged, I’ve also found a graphic that directly compares the MARPAT and AOR camo patterns, and one of my readers sent me a heads-up on a military user-review of the SCAR Mk16 and Mk17.



People from Beyond Tactical, Anthrotech and Patagonia were involved in a recent research and development effort to create a new PCU Level 9 Tactical Uniform.  Putting the prototypes through their paces was a round-up of operators from the US Army, US Marines, and US Navy special operations forces.  Scott Jones, owner of Beyond Tactical, has written about it on his blog, here.



This is the clearest comparison of the similarities/differences I’ve seen yet.



SCAR Review

An anonymous US military user has posted a very good first-hand account of testing both the 5.56mm and the 7.62mm versions of the FN SCAR.  Read all about it over on

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