British forces to develop new Afghan Army training school

British forces in Afghanistan will take the lead in developing a new Combined Arms Training School which will provide training courses for the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Following agreement at the NATO Defence Ministerial meeting in Brussels on 15 June, British forces, who are renowned for their world-class training skills, will lead the development of the multi-national and multi-disciplinary training school to provide specialised courses for Afghan forces.


The UK will provide the strategic direction and doctrine for the school. ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) partners will assist in providing the personnel to deliver the training courses.

The school will provide essential ‘train the trainer’ courses across Afghanistan for junior officers, non-commissioned officers, infantry support weapons, armour and artillery training. This represents an important new stage in the international NATO Training Mission for Afghanistan.


The UK will transfer some of its personnel already engaged in Afghan National Army training to the school and so there will be no need to increase UK force levels.

The UK will also continue to provide mentoring teams for the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police in Helmand province and Afghan National Army Officer Candidate training in Kabul.

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