Airsoft Soldier issue #4 coming soon

Got an update from Jarkko today about the next issue of Airsoft Soldier:


“The long and eagerly awaited issue #4 of Airsoft Soldier is finally becoming a reality – its going to print on Monday.  We know its been a long time coming, and we apologise for that.  Unfortunately, we had some unforeseen problems in the design and production area, and our publishing schedule was also too ambitious. 

However, we’ve sorted these issues out, we have some new people on board (such as your’s truly here as Assistant Editor!) to help us going forward, and we hope that you’ll agree that the magazine looks even better than before – and was worth the wait this time.”

There’s some great stuff coming up in this issue as well – as the snapshots below will show:

mujahideen article preview battles of britain article preview SAG team article preview PenCott article preview

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