New US Army Combat Pants – part 2

Further to our previous story about the new Army Combat Pants, more information has come to light (thanks to Soldier 

Produced by Massif, the manufacturer of the Army Combat Shirt, the Army Combat Pant is designed specifically for combat and includes protection from flash and flame as well as built in knee protection (featuring hard knee pads developed by Crye Precision).  The pants (or trousers as we call them on this side of the pond) are made from 7.3-ounce, fire-resistant twill fabric and feature a stretchable, reinforced seat.


So far, testing was completed earlier this year in Georgia and West Virginia and further tests were scheduled for FY10 in Afghanistan.   However, there is not a validated Army requirement nor a formal program to procure the improved trousers.  And given Congress’ recent intervention into the Army’s clothing purchasing-and-issuing policies, it is anybody’s guess as to whether a formal development and procurement progam will actually see the light of day.

That said, it certainly looks like a good design that offers a superior set of features to normal ACU trousers – without as much added weight, complexity or cost of Crye’s original Combat Pants.  And I’m sure that the troops at the sharp end would appreciate them…

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