PWS “Diablo” style airsoft M4

Whether you’re a military or law enforcement professional who wants your training rifle to match your real-steel primary weapon,  or you’re an airsoft player looking to pimp your M4 to look like something special, the new Diablo PWS Rail System from MadBull airsoft might be just the ticket.

Engineered to match the real Diablo front-end in appearance and feel, the fully-licensed MadBull replica includes outer-barrel, hand-guard rails, a fake gas tube, and a fake compensator.  Note: for safety reasons, the replica is not interchangeable with the real-deal version.

MadBull Diablo image001 MadBull Diablo image003 Diablo_01

No information about price yet, but more info and images of the product are available on MadBull’s website:

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