New lightweight technical fabric uniform for Austrian soldiers

You may have seen the news about the new digital camouflage pattern uniforms that will be rolled out for Austria’s Jagdkommando special operations troops and for Austrian soldiers deployed overseas.  But in the meantime, many soldiers on peacekeeping missions abroad, and/or deployed on normal duties during the summertime, have expressed a desire for a more comfortable, lightweight uniform that meets the demands of current operational requirements.

Enter the new “KA03 X-Light” uniform from Steinadler Handels GmbH (KA03 stands for Kampfanzug 03 – “2003 pattern battle dress uniform” in English).

KA03 X-Light Anzug

The KA03 X-Light is made from a very lightweight (100g/m2) – but strong – 4-way stretch, technical fabric that is quiet and soft, but also very breathable and dries extremely fast.  Designed for use is warm weather tactical operations, the uniform is cut for a contoured fit to facilitate better wicking and evaporation of sweat.  And to keep “der Spiess” happy, the uniform also closely follows the design of the standard issue KA03 of the Austrian Armed Forces.

The Jacket costs €99.00 (approx. $138 USD or £85 GBP) and the Trousers cost €89.00 (approx. $124 USD or £77 GBP), and are available in any colour you want – as long as its the regulation Austrian Armed Forces “stone-grey/olive” colour.  But even if you’re not an Austrian soldier, this looks like a very nice lightweight tactical uniform, that offers pretty good value-for-money considering its features.  The KA03 X-Light can be ordered from Steinadler’s webstore:

KA03 X-Light Jacke KA03 X-Light Hose KA03 X-Light zip

Images courtesy of Steinadler Handels GmbH.

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