CPGear’s Product Demos on YouTube

In January of this year, Canadian gear manufacturer and retailer CPGear started posting short demos of a number of their key products on YouTube.  This is a great way to get more detailed and informative look at a product beyond what you can see in a few still photographs on a static web page.  This should definitely help to remove a lot of the guess-work, hoping-for-the-best, risk and uncertainty of buying gear online.  And don’t worry about colour or camouflage pattern either, CPGear make their gear in more than just CADPAT.


Previously featured in a short blurb on SoldierSystems.net, here is a full, up-close-and-personal demo of CPGear’s very practical Cot Organiser product:

And their equally practical Combat Quarterback product:

Their Cargo Pocket Map Board looks pretty slick too:

Also worthy of note is their MoFOCR modular battle vest:

and the KISS split-front modular chest rig:

Or just skip ahead to their YouTube Channel to see all of their featured products:  http://www.youtube.com/cpgear

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