BE-X “Combat Suit”, version 2

About a year ago I posted a short review of the 1st Generation BE-X Combat Suit, so this will be partly a refresher of previous info, and an update on what’s new and different.


Well, BE-X hasn’t really changed the suit dramatically – this is an evolution rather than a revolution.  The uniform retains basic RAID-type design used in the Gen. I version, but the overall fit and sizing seems to have been improved – particularly noticeable in the collar area. 

BE-X have added some new camouflage patterns to their repertoire since our last review, and for this test I chose to go old skool and rocked up in their excellently reproduced US Woodland camo pattern – topped off with my old 2/504 P.I.R. beret for the final touch.



  • 35/65 NyCo rip-stop fabric
  • All external pockets fastened with Velcro
  • YKK zippers

– Jacket –

  • 2 vertically-oriented chest pockets
  • 2 sharply-slanted upper-arm pockets
  • Velcro-tab closed sleeve cuff
  • Velcro strips above chest pockets
  • Velcro patches on upper-arm pockets
  • Reinforcing patches on the elbows
  • Elbow patches DO NOT take foam pads
  • Loops for routing / managing radio cables and/or hydration tubes
  • Buttoned, waist-adjustment tabs

– Trousers –

  • 2 rear pockets
  • 2 front pockets
  • 2 thigh-level cargo pockets
  • 1 small hidden pocket in the waistband
  • Reinforcing patches on the seat and knees
  • Knee patches will take foam pads
  • Loops for external knee pad ties
  • Nylon shock cord in trouser cuffs – with “Tanka” cinch fasteners


Colours and Camouflage Patterns

  • Black
  • Dark Tan
  • Olive Green
  • US Woodland
  • US 3-Color Desert
  • “Rooivalk” (semi-arid pattern)
  • “Rooikat” (jungle/tiger-stripe pattern)


As before, I found the features and functionality, quality and value-for-money of the BE-X Combat Suit to be very good – and I was happy to see that they’ve made improvements in the areas of sizing and fit for greater comfort.


On the other hand, I’m not happy with the new upper-arm sleeve pockets – they’re too small for anything bigger than a pack of cigarrettes and too sharply angled too.  I much preferred the design on the Gen. I uniform (see below).


I was also disappointed to see that the reinforcing elbow patches haven’t been changed to incorporate the ability to take pads, and that the trousers have not been lengthened by an inch or so to better fit taller people.  Finally, I think the suit would be further improved if the waistband of the trousers provided some degree of adjustment (such as partial elastication) and if the take-up tabs on the shirt fastened with Velcro instead of buttons.

But in the final analysis, if you’re looking for a well-made uniform that provides a great set of features, then none of these issues are deal-breakers in my opinion.  For airsofters, I’d still definitely recommend this uniform over any of the Asian-made BDU or ACU copies that I’ve seen – and its a reasonably-priced alternative to a set custom, RAID-modified BDUs.


Price:  82.90 EURO (approx. 119 USD, or 70 GBP)

Where to buy:  To find your nearest dealer/retailer, check out the list here.

The full range of BE-X gear can be seen at

Text by Lawrence Holsworth, photos by Benji Hanson.

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