BE-X brings back the classic IDF infantry combat rig

One of the all-time greats in the annals of battle-ready soldier systems was the home-grown A10 infantry combat load carrying rig used by the Israeli Defence Forces.  The A10 earned the nickname “Ephod” becuase of its resemblance to a ceremonial waistbelt worn by Jewish priests. 

Many of my buddies and I in the 82nd back in the early ’80’s used to dream of having such an excellent load carrying rig.  But two things frustrated our desires:

  1. They were virtually impossible to get, and if you did find some they were very expensive
  2. Because they road higher on the waist and had pouches on the back, they were not compatible with our ALICE rucksacks

(By the way, if anyone has any info or photos of how the Israeli paratroops rigged up to jump with these, I’d be very interested to see it)

Interestingly, some of the first improved / specialised infantry load carrying systems created by American tactical nylon manufacturers closely followed the Ephod’s basic design and pouch configuration.  In fact, you can still find these original, and more recently manufactured, systems still soldiering on today.

Well, if you don’t have deep pockets, don’t need an absolutely bomb-proof rig with built-in flotation devices, or don’t want to join a waiting list; then maybe you should check this out.  Next out of the BE-X stable is a modernised version of the classic IDF A10 “Ephod” infantry rig.


They’ll be in the shops in a few weeks, and will firstly be available in OD, Flecktarn, Rooivalk (pictured), and US Woodland – British DPM will follow this autumn.  Hopefully, they’ll also add Coyote Brown, AUSCAM, and Desert DPM to the list as well.

Price is expected to be around 130-140 EURO.

To demonstrate the load-carrying potential of the rig (designed for 24-hour unsupported ops) the rig above was loaded with:

  • 9x M4 magazines
  • 1x handheld GPS unit
  • 1x personal role radio
  • 1x air recognition panel
  • 1x water bottle with cup
  • 1x snall hydration bladder
  • 1x Goretex jacket
  • 1x mess kit
  • 1x ground sheet/basha
  • 1x poncho liner
  • 1x compass
  • 6x  AA batteries
  • 1x personal survival kit
  • 1x torch
  • 1x field knife
  • 1x personal first aid kit
  • 1x MS2000 distress signaller
  • 1x multi-tool
  • 1x Esbit stove
  • 1x MRE meal
  • 2x Powergel packs
  • 15 metre multi-purpose cord
  • A closer look at the rig and its features can be seen in this sneak preview video Walter Ruf and his wife shot on their lawn.  The narration is in German, but I think you’ll be able to get the gist of it.

    You’ll see more info here as soon as its available

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