Mirage, MultiCam, UCP – a quick comparison

There’s been talk of the US Army conducting a test to select the uniform camo to replace UCP (ACU) for use in Afghanistan.  Its probably pretty much certain that MultiCam will be in that group to be tested.  What’s maybe not so certain is whether Mirage Camo from Bulldog Tactical Equipment would be included. 

So, since the folks at Bulldog were kind enough to send me one of their uniforms, I organised a photo shoot last Sunday to do a quick comparison of Mirage to MultiCam and UCP in some different settings.  Whilst in no way as extensive – or across as many different types of settings – as the Army would do, it might at least give you some indication of effectiveness.  To my eye, the Mirage camo seems to be slightly more “low-visibility” and natural-looking than MultiCam.  But see what you think….

Thanks to my buddies Jason and Ed for starring as “Mr. MultiCam” and “Mr. Repro-UCP”, and to Benji Hanson for the photography.  This has been a Strike-Hold! production.

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