BE-X – IDF “EPHOD” vest and the shapes and colours of things to come…

BE-X have now officially released their modernised and improved version of the classic Israel Defence Forces (IDF) “EPHOD” infantry load-carrying rig.  The original issue EPHOD was first seen / used in anger during the famous “Operation Thunderbolt” (Raid On Entebbe) – the rescue of hijacked Air France Flight AF139 passengers by IDF special operations forces on the night/morning of 3/4 July 1976.  (Hint: more about that “RAID” coming soon!)


Currently available in their excellent reproduction of US M82 Woodland camouflage pattern, the BE-X EPHOD will also be coming soon in a variety of other camouflage patterns and solid colours.  Check out this page on for further information, photos, price and stock availability – and look for an in-depth review here soon!


UPDATE : The rig is now also available in classic Olive Green, and German Flecktarn.



BE-X have also announced that by the end of October they will again stock DPM products – that means their whole series of clothing and gear will be available in DPM Temperate. Also, this production run will feature mil-spec Ripstop and Cordura which has been printed by an MOD contractor.

And in further news, their camouflaged tactical clothing and gear will be available later this year in the range of patterns seen below:

BE-X the colours of things to come 

Now that’s got to be pretty exciting news eh?  😉

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