Advanced Tactical Concealment System – no longer secret

Seems it took less than a day to rumble the “teaser campaign” for A-TACS.  What was supposed to be some super-secret, high-speed, unusual camouflage pattern to be announced at the 2010 SHOT Show has had its cover blown.

A quick Google search turned up half a dozen pictures of the pattern on various water-transfer-process vendor’s websites, plus pictures of guns and knives that have already been coated with it.  So much for OPSEC…

But, more importantly, is it really some kind of amazing new super-effective, unusual, killer camouflage pattern?  Not from where I’m sitting.  To me, it looks like somebody took the WWI German lozenge pattern, gave it drab earthy colours and put it through a size and edge distortion filter in Photoshop.  Sorry guys, but in my opinion it really does.

Anyways, judge for yourselves.




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