Australian special forces wipe-out Taliban bases

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Special Forces soldiers have broken up several Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan, seizing weapons and other equipment, the Defence Force says.

Last month’s raid of insurgent bases by the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) and Afghan and Coalition forces resulted in the seizure of weapons, munitions and components used in making improvised explosive devices.

The soldiers also recovered stolen Afghan army uniforms and 100 kilograms of opium resin.

Australian SOTG helicopter insertion (copyright Australian Department of Defence)

The Commander of Australian Forces in the Middle East, Major-General Mark Kelly, said the operation sent a clear message to the Taliban.

“This stronghold has, until now, provided a secure base area from which to sustain the insurgency throughout southern Afghanistan,” he said.

“What this operation says very clearly to the insurgency is that it doesn’t matter where you are, we can find you and strike you.”

“It also highlights our commitment to using the full suite of our Special Forces to protect the local population, ADF elements and to work in partnership with other coalition forces.”

About 1,500 Australian soldiers are in Afghanistan.

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