An ATAC of dis-information?

Well – it probably wasn’t a deliberate campaign of dis-information, but there may have been some sort of deceptive camouflaging going on at DCS.  😉

It appears now that the initial images of their ATAC camo pattern which appeared around the world-wide web were of an earlier, preliminary version of the ATAC pattern – and not the version they were planning to laucnh at the SHOT Show 2010. 

However, DCS are aparently still on track to officially launch it at the 2010 SHOT Show, but in the meantime – because of all the hype and rumour – they’ve granted Soldier Systems Daily an exclusive sneak preview and some details of the background to the pattern.

Personally, I think that DCS over-state their case a bit – especially the part about their pixel shapes being more “natural” or “organic” – nonetheless, and contrary to popular perception, a pixel is not necessarily a sharp-edged, square shape.  On the other hand, ATAC also isn’t the first digital pattern that uses softer-edged shapes – MultiCam, Italian Vegetata, and Hyde Definition’s PenCott are first ones that spring to mind.  

However, there is no denying that the pattern looks pretty effective in the specific setting and lighting featured in their promo shot below. 


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