Licensed LR-300 replicas from Evolution Airsoft

Big news from Evolution Airsoft:

For all of you fans of the legendary LR-300 we have the great news!

This masterpiece of firearms industry is now available in a fully licensed Z-M Weapons’ official airsoft replica.

For all of you that are wondering about it, no, it is not a cheap rebranded China gun, the official LR-300 is a top class-top performance air soft gun, made in the G&G Armament factory for Evolution International S.r.l., Italy the Z-M Weapons’ worldwide exclusive licensee.

Forget about the old GR300, the official licensed LR-300 is a completely new gun, most parts have been re-designed based on the original LR-300 blueprints, so expect a 100% like to the original replica.

All details have been reproduced, starting from the original trademarks placed on the body, on the Rapid Deployement Stock and pistol grip to the function like the real of folding stock. The RDS stock is designed following the real LR-300 design, so its operation, unlike on the unofficial guns produced on the past, unfolds using one hand like the real LR-300.

The first prototype of the LR-300 M/L was exhibited in the Evolution Airsoft booth at the IWA 2009 in Germany, after an extensive work to improve accuracy and internals performance the official licensed Z-M Weapons’ LR-300 series is finally out on the market. Featuring an amazing rate of fire of 1260 BB’s per minute using just a small 8,4V 1200 NiMH battery, the LR-300 is capable of even higher performance if powered by the 9,6V battery for which the internals are designed for.

The Official LR-300 series is available in 4 models:

  1. LR-300 M/L (short barrel, folding and retractable stock)
  2. LR-300 SR  (long barrel, folding and retractable stock)
  3. LR-300 S     (short barrel, folding stock)
  4. LR-300 L     (long barrel, folding stock)

Main features:

  • Z-M Weapons’ licensed logos and trademarks
  • CNC machined aluminium Repid Deployement Stock with Z-M Logo
  • CNC machined steel phantom flash hider
  • CNC machined front and rear sight
  • 8mm bearing gearbox
  • Steel reinforced gears
  • Milled brass cylinder head with rubber silencing bumper
  • Aluminium CNC machined piston head with trust bearing
  • Metal spring guide with trust bearing
  • Variable pitch spring
  • O-ring sealed CNC air nozzle
  • 450 rds magazine

The new official licensed LR-300 is produced exclusively for Evolution International S.r.l. and is available in Europe and the USA only though Evolution. Dealership and distributionship positions are open, for more information about how to become part of the official LR-300 distribution network e-mail to . E-mails from air soft players about the LR-300 tech features are also welcome. We promise we will release more detailed information about each of the newly released LR-300 in the next days. The Official LR-300 is already available and already in distribution to the European retail shops this week.

We would like to thank Z-M Weapons for their invaluable help that allowed us to make such great replica.  Evolution International S.r.l.

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