Discovery Channel: Mission MilSim

Here’s a great idea – and whilst I don’t agree that it has to culminate in the winning airsoft team going up against a SEAL team (any regular or reserve infantry unit would be good) – I do hope the show idea gets lots of support:

Hello my name is Gerald Mahler I have recently submitted a show idea to Discovery Networks for The Military Channel called Mission Milsim ID#4770 the show idea is basically an international Airsoft competition pitting the best Milsim teams from all around the world against each other in force on force combat which will culminate in the winning Milsim team going up against a U.S. Navy SEALs team if they win.

It all starts as any Airsoft team petitioning for competition they would then travel to a specially constructed camp where they must first pass the Obstacle and team fire events in military fashion in order to be considered for competition. Once approved they would then compete with all the other passing international teams for the number 1 team slot. Then its SEAL Time. The actual competition will be held in any suitable Airsoft center, Field or Military Facility anywhere in the free world.

Scenarios will range from all the best we know of like escort through hostile territory; downed pilot etc. the sky is the limit. This will give everyone the ability to showcase their fields of play. Like you I am a member and advocate for Airsoft callsign RICO member of team SOCOM of Northern California at

The only way this show has any chance at all is for all of us in the Airsoft community, retail and manufacturing side to contact Discovery and mention that you are interested in watching or purchasing commercial time for the concept show Mission Milsim ID#4770 and it might have a chance to go from concept to production.

What this show has that the others didn’t is everyone has the opportunity to be on Mission Milsim there is no set cast and will always change just like the missions and locations. I have already started posting on the Airsoft forums and everyone loves the concept and is looking forward to seeing it. I will also send this message to the other Airsoft retailers, manufacturers, Game developers and all branches of the United States Military recruitment departments to kick the tires and light fires on the first ever national prime time airsoft television show.

Who to contact:
Andrew Snyder
Vice President
Fax: 212-548-5374
John Vilade
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Phone: (212) 548-5015
Fax: (212) 548-5279

Thank You and Remember
Never Forget, Ever Honor.

Gerald Mahler (aka RICO, Team SOCOM)

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