Aussie Special Forces Keep The Pressure on Taliban

An Australian Special Operations Task Group soldier talks with a local leader during the recent Mirabad operation.

 Australian Special Forces are maintaining the pressure on insurgents in Oruzgan Province as the onset of cooler weather in Afghanistan commences.

Special Forces soldiers have conducted key leadership engagements with local Afghans to ascertain their perceptions of security, assess the requirement for further practical assistance with irrigation infrastructure for farmers in the area, and assess other community needs.

The operation was led by uniformed Afghan police from the Special Operations Task Group’s partner force – the Oruzgan Provincial Police Reserve (PPR) – and supports the efforts of the Australian Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force (MRTF) in building a new patrol base in the Mirabad region.

The harsh winter months in Afghanistan are traditionally seen by the insurgency as an opportunity to regroup and rearm after the so-called fighting season.

“This is a fight for and on behalf of the people,” the Commander of Australian operations in the Middle East, Major General Mark Kelly said.

“We can not afford to let up the fight during the winter, so while some insurgents may be regrouping, we will continue the fight to win support of the people.

“We must let the insurgents know we’ll always be on their back, keeping them off-balance, and let the people know we will be there to support them.

“Along with our Afghan Police partners, we sit down and talk with the people, not just the community leaders but ordinary farmers and villagers as well, to find out their hopes and fears as well as the practical issues facing them in their daily lives. It is the barometer for how we are going.

“Special Forces soldiers also hosted an Eid festival lunch at Camp Russell. Traditional Afghan food was prepared and shared with local on-base workers and their families. It was an opportunity for the soldiers to share an important religious and cultural event with our local friends.”


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