BE-X “Kangaroo” Hydration Back-Pack

You’ve probably seen this type of small hydration back-pack before.  Designed to fulfill a role somewhere between a simple hydro pack and a small rucksack or butt-pack, the “Kangaroo” is the smallest rucksack in the BE-X series.

But this Kangaroo has more than one pouch.  Its main pouch is large enough to take a 3L hydration bladder and a complete MRE packet (or similar).  Its secondary pouch can take a full individual medic kit, plus a couple of notebooks, maps, chem-lights and/or other small personal items.  The secondary pouch also has a seperate zippered compartment for small items like ID, mobile phone, GPS, etc. and MOLLE loops for attaching accessory pouches.  The secondary pouch is also only attached to the main backpack along its bottom seam – this creates an additional “stuff space” where a rain or fleece jacket can be stowed, and cinched up securely with the integrated webbing straps and elastic shock-cord.

 The back area of the pack is cushioned with two mesh-covered pads that run vertically – created a natural ventilation channel and protecting the wearer’s spine as well.  The shoulder straps are also padded and have mesh-only sections for greater ventilation.  The Kangaroo also features adjustable waist and chest straps for greater stability and ergonomics.

Finally, all the main straps on the Kangaroo feature Velcro retention loops for keeping excess strap length rolled up and tidied away.

So, when all is said and done, does this little backpack fulfill a useful purpose and live up to requirements?  Well, yes I think it does.  Now whether its right for the job you need to do depends on what your job requires.  If you need to only carry a few basic things, and you’ve got no where else to put them than on your back, then this little baby will serve you well.  And its limited carrying capacity might help you avoid the temptation to carry more gear than you actually need. 

Its slim profile and clever “stuff space” area also means that load will be more stable and comfortable as well.

The Kangaroo retails at €39.00 from, and is available in:

  • Black
  • Coyote Brown
  • DPM
  • Olive Green
  • UCP

Photos courtesy of and Benji Hanson.

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