Magpul RONIN prototype revealed at SHOT Show

Okay, this might be stretching the category of “battlefield mobility” a bit – unless your battlefield is the streets of Gotham City…

Just to prove that they can do more than invent and design amazingly innovative firearms, Magpul have come up with the Ronin – an experimental motorcycle project based on the Buell 1125R sport bike.  

According to information released by Magpul:  The name “Ronin“, which is the Japanese word for a Samurai who lost his master, was chosen after the Buell Motorcycle Company ceased production and closed its doors in 2009.  The model 1125R was selected due its high level of performance and aesthetic potential that were never fully realized by Buell as a subsidiary of Harley Davidson.


Due to the experimental nature of the project, it is not yet known if Ronin motorcycles or Magpul-designed components for the Buell 1125R will be made available for purchase.  More information about Project Ronin will be released as the design progresses.


Well, whatever the long-term future of the project turns out to look like – how much do you want to bet that this baby shows up in a Batman movie?  And maybe they could find a role for the MAGBUS too while they’re at it.  At any rate, it just goes to show once again that Magpul really do make the best toys.  😉

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