Touched by the hand of COD

Many of us in the Blogosphere have noticed an interesting phenomenon in our search terms results – the number one most-frequently used search terms come up as variations of ACR and Masada.

Now I, like most other bloggers, initially put this down to the fact that I was covering the ongoing saga of the Magpul / Bushmaster / Remington “Masada” / “ACR” (in the case of Strike-Hold! – variations of Masada and ACR have accounted for over 23,500 search results).  However, it appears that this huge amount of search traffic is actually being driven by players of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”.

The ACR appears in the game, but without any accompanying hype or fanfare, so players have gone on line to find out more about this little-known and futuristic-looking battle rifle.


So, will this clever bit of stealth-marketing through virtual product placement pay-off for Magpul?  Quite possibly so – after all, look at what happened with Crye Precision’s combat gear and MultiCam after it appeared in “Ghost Recon”.

If nothing else, I’ll wager that sales of the airsoft versions of the ACR sell-out as fast as they can be produced…

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