Magpul PTS Masada ACR, part 2

More details of the Magpul PTS produced version of the airsoft ACR have come out of the SHOT Show.

First of all, it appears that Magpul PTS have decided to call the AEG the “Masada ACR”.  Whatever its called, it looks pretty awesome to me.


According to a report from the guys at Airsoft Outlet NW in Oregon, USA:

The PTS Masada ACR is a completely ground up design from MAGPUL that is 1:1 scale to the real rifle. The licensed A&K Masada Sportline is not.  

The new rifle runs on a slightly modified V3 gearbox, the upper receiver is fully CNC machined and features all the same features as the real ACR. The bolt locks back, and the charging handle is located forward on the handguard.

One of the most interesting features of this rifle is it’s modular design . The barrel can be replaced in a tool free process to change from CQB to Carbine or to other available lengths.

The lower can also be replaced to swap from the 5.56 configuration to a 7.62 setup using the same gearbox and upper receiver components. The AK style mags are not TM compatible, however.

All of the stock options should be available, including the fixed, folding, and precision stocks.

The rifle will be released in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green, and MAGPUL PTS has said that all the optional parts, from barrels to full front RIS units and spare lowers will be completely available.

They also confirmed that a GBB conversion kit for the PTS ACR is in the works.

So, this rifle is an AEG with multiple mag options, interchangeable barrels, various stock choices, and an option to convert to GBB use as well. Even with all these features, the PTS ACR is listed with an MSRP of $450.  (And apparently we’re looking at an April / June release date.)

Airsoft Outlet NW shot a video at the show showing the functionality of the Masada ACR AEG:

The guys have also posted a video of the 7.62 AK lower receiver version (don’t laugh too loud when their reviewer sticks the magazine back in the wrong way):

I gotta say that I am diggin the look of that AK version…

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