Counter-Terrorist Aircraft Interdiction Course

Stirling Tactical Solutions’ CT Aircraft Interdiction Course – beginning 08:30 at Coventry Airport on the 7th of February.

Training during the morning will deal with the theory and practice before training on an actual aircraft in the afternoon to hone participants’ skills while “under fire”. 

The full course will teach participants the skills and tactics required to effectively assault an aeroplane and bring a hostage scenario to a speedy and successful conclusion.  Becuase of the detailed step-by-step approach take by STS, each training session can cover a limited amount of the syllabus. Returning trainees will move onto further stages as their experience and participation progresses.

Complete Course Contents

  • Team formations: /Including specialist members and team configuration
  • Containment and Cordons: /Inner and outer cordons and perimeters
  • Operational planning: /Command and control. Tactical options/
  • Sniper positioning: /Firing position. Observation, concealment and camouflage
  • Intel gathering: /Including visual and audio equipment
  • Terrorist ID, descriptions, weapons
  • Immediate action plan / Immediate Action drills
  • Deliberate action plan / Deliberate Action drills
  • Aircraft familiarisation: /Blind spots, field of view, entry points, access points, fuel storage
  • Approaches: /Covert / overt / day / night
  • Entry Systems:/ Single and double ladders, vehicle based assault platforms
  • Method of entry: /Door opening, handle positions and operations
  • Advance weapons handling:/ Short and long weapons in confined spaces & aisles
  • CQB:/ Weapon techniques and retention, clearing techniques and team positions
  • Hostage handling
  • Hostage evacuation
  • Training exercises, real time scenarios

Location:  Coventry Airport, Coventry, UK, CV3 4PB

Price:  £30 per session , plus additional for any hire kit (if required).

Packing List:

  • Coveralls / BDU’s
  • Airsoft MP5 or similer-sized weapon, with sling
  • Airsoft Pistol with holster
  • Gloves
  • Assault Vest
  • Sturdy boots
  • Safety glasses
  • BB’s
  • Food and water

Limited to 16 participants per course.

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