Whites can be terrorists too

What is terrorism?

As defined in the dictionary, the word terror means to cause intense fear. The word terrorism which is derived from terror is defined as: political violence; violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes.

Mislabeled acts of Terrorism

Very recently America has witnessed two acts of severe criminal violence that typically would have been labeled acts of “terrorism” if Arab and/or Muslim men had committed them. However, because two white men committed these acts of violence, society and the media have not used the word “terrorism” at all when discussing the acts.

About a month ago, John Patrick Bedell, 36, from California, walked up to two security guards outside the Pentagon Metro station in suburban Washington and started shooting. He was then shot and killed.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Bedell appeared “to have been a right-wing extremist with virulent anti-government feelings” and also suffered from severe mental illness before his shooting rampage.

Now, had this been an Arab Muslim, it would have been labeled a terrorist attack, and it would not have mattered if he were mentally ill or not.

The second case happened on February 18, when Joseph Stack, another white anti-government extremist, flew his small airplane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, killing two people and injuring 13 others.

According to media reports, Stack left behind a suicide letter in which he expressed his hatred of the American government and detailed complaints about the IRS. The most disturbing part of the letter was the statement which read, “I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after … I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be whitewashed and ignored — at which point, God willing, — the American zombies wake up and revolt. Violence not only is the answer; it is the only answer.”

If this would have been written by an Arab Muslim man, the media would have instantly jumped on this and labeled it an act of terrorism without a second thought. The US government would have tightened homeland security and would have said that anyone who didn’t believe this was a terrorist attack is a traitor.

The Reality

The fact that both of these attacks were carried out by white men does not diminish their severity and should not change the way the act is seen and labeled. Both of these crimes were acts of terrorism, point blank. America has officially been at war against terrorism since 2001 but what the government and media has failed to still do, is realize that terrorism is alive and well in the mainland. It’s not only coming from the outside, but it is coming from the inside.

Furthermore, look back at Jihad Jane, who has been called by a number of reporters a “wanna-be terrorists”, what makes her any different? Why is she just a “wanna-be” and not a real terrorist? Is it because she is a woman, or because her mission failed, or because she is white?

It’s something to truly ponder.

There was a point in time when all Japanese and Germans were considered the enemy, a time when Cubans were all criminals, and Italians all belonged to the Mafia; every group has had it’s share of discrimination and time under the microscope. Apparently, now it’s the time of the Muslims, and it seems America has still not learned its lesson: you can not judge a whole, based on a few. Extremism comes in all races and colors; it knows no boundaries.

It’s easy to listen to the media and take in everything that they say, but it’s better to look beyond the surface, look past what the news is saying and see for yourself why some acts of criminal violence are labeled acts of “terrorism” while others of equal violence and tactic are not.

All acts of terrorism are equally wrong, and until the American government and society as a whole come to this realization and condemn all acts equally, there will be no chance for full victory in The Global War On Terror.


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